The Line of Sight is a powerful tool. Listen to the January 15, 2015 podcast with Joe Clark, CEO of Prana Business, Carol Anderson, Principal of Anderson Performance Partners, and Emily Robinson-Endert, Director of Human Resources at Covenant Woods.  You can also download the transcript.

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Not having the leadership team, managers and employees aligned with a common strategy creates organization silos where decisions are made that cost money, impact customers and confuse team members....all because decisions were made based on inaccurate assumptions about the basic blocking and tackling elements of the company.

These are really critical questions that need to be asked and the answers understood. That's where the Line of Sight tool comes in. The Line of Sight is a simple but powerful tool that measures, manages and monitors strategy alignment and execution and it gives leaders the insight they need to align their team around a common strategy and to ensure their employees' work is aligned to the common strategy. This creates value for the company.

Recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Line of Sight tool from Prana Business offers unique insight into how well the work your people are doing drives the execution of your strategy. Every hour spent doing work that does not drive the business strategy wastes precious dollars. Your business cannot afford for that to happen. Once you know where the mis-alignment exists, we can help you quickly and easily re-align.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do employees understand your Company's strategy and what makes your different?
  • Do managers use strategy as a tool for decision-making and prioritizing?
  • Are all functions aligned to create and deliver unique customer value?
  • Is the work your employees are doing aligned with your strategy?
  • Does the work your employees are doing bring value to your company?
  • How do you know?

Aligning the Work of Your People to the Business of Your Organization

Using the Line of Sight Tool to Assess Alignment

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