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Breaking Down Organizational Silos...Collaboration has never been more important than in this age of knowledge, but as simple as it sounds, it is difficult to do.  When thinking is done in silos, the end result is seriously flawed.  Often silo'd thinking results in cross-purposes, duplicate work, increased costs and conflicting messaging to customers. 

Take for example an organization with an IT department that just signed a software agreement for a significant upgrade, only to find that the Operational unit that was the heaviest user of the software is being divested to allow the organization to focus on core competencies.  IT, sales, marketing, operations, finance, human resources and other business units must collaborat in their work or the organization is mis-aligned. 

Even within units, silos can occur causing less than optimal performance.  As an example, a Human Resources team may have a compensation department working on new job descriptions which do not relate in any way to the new competency model being used for training and development.  

Breaking down organizational silos is a critical requirement for today's complex organizations.  We have seen the impact of silo'd thinking result in the demise of the most amazing strategy.  Let our experience help you break down organizational silos.

Our approach is unique because of the depth of experience in multiple industries, varied organization sizes, breadth of external and internal challenges confronted and solved, and having taken full advantage of the learning from the experiences we've been privileged to have encountered.

We help you define where you want to be, where you are today and then help you design the way forward.  What is unique about us is the depth of experience in multiple industries, organization sizes external and internal challenges and having taken full advantage of the learning we've been privileged to have encountered.

We know how to engage the people of the organization, so that the work product is not ours, but yours.  When you develop your own solutions you cannot be imitated.

  • People Strategy
  • Change Leadership & Cultural Integration
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent & Succession Management
  • Performance & Productivity Improvement
  • Business Process Review & Redesign
  • Facilitation & Planning
  • Team Development
  • Employee Performance & Development
  • Rewards & Recognition Strategies

Anderson Performance Partners, LLC human resources development. Anderson Performance Partners, LLC performance improvement

Anderson Performance Partners, LLC

Anderson Performance Partners, LLC brings unique and unprecedented experience to help you make the very best people decisions possible.

Our experience encompasses executive leadership positions in multiple industries, in line operations as well as in centralized support areas.  Our focus is breaking down organizational silos, generating meaningful dialogue, and facilitating good business decisions around the people part of your business.  [read more]

The Challenge of "People" and "Systems":

Here is a challenge to you.  Think for a moment about your business and identify one area of your business that can be improved without your people.

Did you find one?  We didn't think so.

Your business IS your people.  You want better margins?  It will be the ingenuity and collaboration of the marketing, sales and product development people that will make it happen.  You want better customer service?  It will be up to everyone in your organization to ensure both fulfillment and courtesy.

It's all about collaboration and partnership, but sometimes people get in the way of each other, and often the system puts up barriers.  This is where we come in .  You know your business; we provide a fresh set of eyes, objectivity and years of experience with the people part of the business.

Together we can drive productivity, performance and business success.


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