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"Carol is an exceptional advisor to businesses.  Every CEO needs one and Carol has been one of my best.  She has deep experience, great insights, focused on-target comments and is exceptionally easy to work with." 
Stuart Jones, CEO Biolife LLC



A strategy is only as good as how well your people execute.  Do they know the strategy?

More important, are they doing work that drives the strategy? 

This is the single most important question you will ever ask about your business.

WHAT WE DO human resource consultants

Anderson Performance Partners LLC is in the business of improving performance, for individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. 

We use the wisdom and knowledge of your workforce to build people programs which, in turn, creates energy in your workforce.

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A certified Veteran-owned, Woman-owned business focused on organizational strategy, alignment and execution.

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"'It's not whether you win or lose, it's how great your coach is, and you're one of the greats.' So glad to work with you on Leadership. You guys have been a tremendous help to us"
Emily Robinson Endert, Director Human Resources, Covenant Woods

Design and align your people programs to your business strategy. 


Assess how well your programs are aligned with your strategy. 


Develop current and future leaders, or create high performing teams.

Help organizations navigate change and align culture. 

Less than 40% of business strategy will be successfully executed, according to The Conference Board. 

An organization's people - the leaders and employees - make or break the profitability and strategy of the business.   Don't leave this to chance.
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